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About the JPEG decoding test of VPU in i.MX53

Question asked by yuuki on Jan 27, 2014
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We would like to test JPEG decoding of VPU in iMX53.
However, an error occurs.
(Error is vpu decode failure: 318)


We think that vpu_DecRegisterFrameBuffer() of imx-lib has a problem.
In the following line, it seems to have failed because the number of buffers is always num=0.

=== vpu/vpu_lib.c : L2845 ===
   if (num < pDecInfo->initialInfo.minFrameBufferCount) {


If these lines are commented out, decoding is finished.
And a ppm file is created.

However, the created tihs file is a green screen.


Would you teach how to solve a problem?



The step which we performed is the following.
1. downloaded the IMX_MMCODECS_11.09.gz for i.mx53 quick start board, and extracted it.
Then I got source code and dynamic library about jpeg decode.
source code: jpeg_dec_app.c in fsl-mm-codeclib-2.0.3/test/jpeg_dec/c_src  directory.
dynamic library: in  fsl-mm-codeclib-2.0.3/release/lib directory.
2. run the file in fsl-mm-codeclib-2.0.3/release/exe/jpeg_dec_arm11_elinux with the same jpg file

3. just like this:   ./test_jpeg_dec_arm11_elinux -vpu 1 -outfile xxxx filename.jpg got a xxxx.ppm,

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