Mark Butcher

FRDM-KL46Z SLCD Details and Simulation

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Jan 27, 2014

Hi All


I am presently porting some libraries from the K family to the KL family and just added SLCD support (on Freedom KL46Z board) and a simulation model for its SLCD. Fortunately the SLCD peripheral is fully compatible and so only the configuration and control of the LCD pins to the Luminex LCD-S401M16KR needed adjusting.

In the process I have added quite a lot of specific details about the configuration and operation for the Luminex LCD-S401M16KR on the FRDM-KL46Z to the following document which may be of interest to people who need to drive this SLCD as well as other types:


This is an extension to K40 SLCD support as discussed in an old thread K40 Segment LCD - demo and simulation  which also shows the operation in a video.


Below is a screen shot of the uTasker simulator running a KL46 and the above SLCD - showing USB enumeration causing "USB" to be displayed on the SLCD.