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FRDM-KL05Z not working,no SWD activity launching debug

Question asked by Diego Colombo on Jan 27, 2014
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please can i have your help?

i unseccessfully tried to use the freedom board FRDM-KL05Z as a tool for programming an external device.

Now i need to use it with it's resident processor, i restored the board as it was,(2 cutted tracks restored) but it does not works at all.

In mass storage mode, i dragged in the "JLink_OpenSDA.sda" file,and ,after plugged once more in the USB , the board appears to the PC  Control panel..->Device Manager->Controller USB, as " J-Link driver".So no doubt that XP is aware of the board.

Then I load a complete example project: "kl05_frdm_demo".Once built i launch debug,;I can choose 2 different options,I choose J-Link/J-Trace for ARM,Ok,launched,,but the progress bar stucks at 61%,and i need to push the red button to stop it.

It is the same behaviour that i have when i launch it with no USB cable.It looks very strange that i'm not warned that USB is unconnected.

If i check on oscilloscope, SWD signals are inactive,as one should expect


Many thanks