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Regarding the MPC555 & Binary Arrays   I am writing a...

Question asked by Steven Katz on Aug 12, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2007 by venki konapla

Regarding the MPC555 & Binary Arrays


I am writing a program that stores binary data (with a radix point) in an array and performs math operations on this data.  The result is stored in the array.


Is there a way to initialize the array so that it stores and displays data only in the binary format?  The issue is that the array displays the result in the Decimal format.


For example, I would like the following data entered to the array to yield the result shown:


      11  operand1 (binary)

   + 01  operand2 (binary)

    100  result (binary)


However, the result appears as '12'.


Your suggestions would be most appreciated.