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Initialization to route ETM/ITM trace to external pins

Question asked by nc puthuff on Jan 26, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by Juan Antonio Gutierrez Rosas

Is there an init script or code sample that will show the complete steps for exporting ETM/ITM trace data to the package pins?

Using ARM DS-5 with Vybrid Tower system and CMSIS-DAP connection, running 'hello_world' example.   Win32 host.


I have the IOMUXC regs programmed (using this script: as a starting point)

and can unlock and program the TPIU, ATB funnels and ETM's, and enable the clocks to these sections via the CCM_CCPGR's and enable trace clock via CCM_CSCDR3.

I'm getting a TRACECLK on the CoreSight connector, but the data signals are stubbornly refusing to wiggle (unless I put the TPIU into test pattern mode -- this will put the expected activity on the TRACEDATA pins).


VYBRIDRM.pdf section 20.9 briefly mentions "The Platform Trace Control (Pltf-TCTL) module controls the trace flow..." and details (4) bits - that disable TPIU trace or enable SWO trace, but this hasn't yielded the magic bit to make it all work.


Is there a known-good script or equivalent to make this work?