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Battery powered I.mx6, which DDR for low power best performance.

Question asked by richard jones on Jan 26, 2014

I'm going to be developing a custom i.mx6 board for a battery powered video camera compressing 1080p24 or 30. I want the lowest power for maximum battery life, so with DDR to go with?


DDR3: no doubt the highest device performance (lowest latency) but most thirsty, readiy available.

LPDDR2: looks like the lowest power, also available but does it have a greater latency. Does the 2ch 64 bit nature help or just level the playing field?

LPDDR3, uDDR3: also 1.2v, is it supported and how would it compare if it were available (still looks rather rare unless you're making 100K+ units, we're not).

DDR3L looks just like lower voltage DDR3 without the added low power features of LPDDRx.


I'm also rather short of PCB space. In real world applications,  does dropping to a 16-bit DDR interface cripple the system. My code no doubt fits in cache, video frames in DDR. My gut feeling is go with LPDDR3 /uDDR3 32-bit single chip if I can source them, alse DDRL with a 32 bit bus but if 16 bit works almost as well I'd re-think it.



Any guidance most welcome.