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PE multilink JTAG/BDM Kinetis programming issue

Question asked by Amit Kumar on Jan 24, 2014
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I am trying to program K20 custom board but it is showing an error.



after clicking yes,  the same msg appear and again I click yes then following error comes



these two error msg comes after one another and it doesn't program. Kindly look into the matter initially I had the same issue for K10 board. I tried everything but It didn't worked. PE multilink universal not detecting K10 uc I thought that there might be some soldering issue as it was a QFN package. so I changed my design and added MK20DX128VLF5(LQFP) we bought 100 pcs of this uc and 100 pc of KL05 , 30 pc of K10. we checked for K10 and K20 uc it doesn't work. I checked PE multilink by programming FRDM-KL46Z board through SWD connecter J6, it is programming the board without any issue. I went through the KQRUG user guide which I found out from my previous query regarding K10 board through the community. and I also went through the PE4576-Technical summary. and tried resolving the issue but didn't resolve then after bashing my head I somehow managed to find an app note on programming kinetis uc i.e AN4835 which I think is supposed to be mention in the datasheet as no user will get to know that there exist an app note for how to program the Kinetis uc. There are many engineers who will be working on ARM cortex uc but if there is not much resources then why will they choose freescale. Kindly look into the matter and make the programmer work as I fear all the above controller i.e (100 K20, 100 Kl05, 30 K10) uc will be collecting dust. Already we have 100 k20 boards ready. The following diagram shows the connections I have tried for different modes(JTAG/SWD) for programming K20 board.


it didn't worked then i tried SWD config


In both the cases I connected VCC(3.3V) ----->TVCC(PIN 1)

and GND----> GND(PIN 4) of PE multilink universal. I am using the following port from PE multilink universal.



I probed RESET_b pin in normal condition it is logic high(3.3V) and while programming it becomes logic low(0V).


photo 4.JPG.jpg

The above is the testing breakout board(dual side).

photo 4.JPG.jpg


I hope The community will help me to resolve this issue ASAP. Our expected target is 100,000  kinetis  units this year In our line of products.


Thanks and Regards

Amit Kumar