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How access GPIO pins on i.MX6q sabre lite board from Linux user space?

Question asked by Joseph Zolyak on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2014 by Anson Huang

I want to access the GPIO pins and the General Purpose Timer (GPT) on my i.MX6q sabre lite board from Linux user space.

Is there something already built into the Linux kernel that allows me to program the hardware registers from my application

code? If so what is it?  If not, do I need to create a Linux device driver from scratch? (Is there any examples of device driver

code available for the sabre lite board to look at?)


I am porting over some code from a TI C6747 DSP chip over the to ARM Cortex-A9, and I want to do some benchmark

tests. I would like to toggle GPIO9 (pin 4 on connector J7) on the i.MX6q board to measure filter execution timing with

a scope. I was also interested in trying the General Purpose Timer to measure execution times. Any recommendation

on which method is more accurate when initiated from my application code running in Linux user space?  Thanks!