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Custom I.MX6

Question asked by John Reep on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by Gregory Dyess

I am currently working on a new hardware platform based on the I.MX6Q.  I have been heavily using the reference schematics for the SABRE Platform and a bit of cross referencing to the SABRE Lite designs provided by Freescale.


I am to the point where I am very satisfied with the schematics and will start the layout soon.  One thing that I am heavily interested in is being able to customize the Freescale BSP for U-Boot and potentially Yocto to ensure support.  I do not mind working through the ins and outs of this process but I am uncertain as to a good starting point.  I have enough requisite documentation and have used the SABRE Lite board here to become familiar and comfortable building U Boot and Yocto images, placing on SD cards, and running them.  However, I want to ensure that I properly and concisely can build up the supported packages so that they may eventually be supported by the community at large and available for those that would like to use them.


Is there a good reference for building up the customized board support packages/U boot and even potentially adding in a layer/patch to Yocto?  My thoughts currently is that I should be able to modify the SABRE platform reference BSP sources (renamed of course) so that the IOMUX settings for the pads of the I.MX6 are correctly configured for the modes that are different.  Most of the modes are exactly the same but there are a couple items I wish to breakout on this custom hardware to eventually use (Such as both parallel display interfaces, the MIPI port, and the DSI port along with some added boot utilities such as having two bootable EEPROMs for boot verification - as a short list).  I have read through the Freescale documentation about custom BSP which heavily resides on using LTIB.  I would eventually like to first be able to run a Yocto built image (thus mentioned here) and believe that some of the hardware BSP information must be required for Yocto but have found very little pointing to the actually references other than the Machine layers.  However, I am not as versed in all of this to this point.


Any thoughts, comments, questions would be greatly appreciated and thank you for the time,