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Using ADC with PDB and DMA

Question asked by Vinicius Hoff on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by Vinicius Hoff

I need to implement a voltage meter, for this, I want use an ADC with DMA.

I would like to implement this using the modules: CMP->PDB->ADC->DMA. A CMP module synchronizes a PDB that trigger a ADC that call a DMA. However, I am not able to configure the modules.


I am using Processor Expert and the components:

AnalogComp_LDD - Generate a pulse each 16.6ms;

Init_PDB - Works in continuos mode with CMP0_output as trigger pin. It´s generated a Trigger A output each 250us.

Init_ADC - Triggered by Trigger A and with DMA request enabled.

Init_eDMA -  With just Channel 0 enabled and ADC0 as Channel Source. Data Source is ADC0_RA and Data Destination is a 128 bytes buffer.


What happens is that only some bytes are transfered to buffer and then nothing else is copied.


What I need configure for this works?