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i.MX6S 24MHz Oscillator Power Rating

Question asked by Dan Vona on Jan 23, 2014
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I have a quick question about the crystal oscillator needed for the i.MX6 Solo processor. 


We have reviewed the latest recomendations for the XTALI/XTALO clock input in the most recent hardware designer guide and the EB830 bulletin.  We understand the drive requirements for using a crystal have increased and have referenced the spreadsheet attached to EB830.


My question relates to using a straight oscillator connected to XTALI with XTALO left floating (which the documentation says is acceptable).  What I am wondering is this: if we are using a 24MHz oscillator (not a crystal) do the same maximum drive requirements apply?  In other words, could we simply use an oscillator like the CB3LV-3I-24M0000 which has a max drive of 100uW or would we need something more like a 250uW part?