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how to link Dc's event "DC_EVT_NEW_DATA" with a routine.

Question asked by senix senix on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2014 by Qiang Li - Mpu Se

Since dc execute a routine when event comes.

we should link a event with a routine addr,by using:



The driver link the DC_EVT_NEW_DATA with DC's routine at addr 1 or 12.

_ipu_dc_link_event(ipu, dc_chan, DC_EVT_NEW_DATA, 1, 1);

_ipu_dc_link_event(ipu, dc_chan, DC_EVT_NEW_DATA, 12, 1);


On the other side, The driver should init the DC's routine by using:


I found  the diver initialize the  DC's routine at addr 0,2-11,

However, nothing found in the addr 1&12.

so, why?


And, When does the DC_EVT_NEW_DATA be triggered? by DI? How?


the IPU part of RM is so unclear!

please  make the IPU clear?


By the way :

the DC will execute the template word like cpu run codes, until DC meet a  template word with the stop bit enabled?