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Not able connect to FRDM_K20D50 eval board on OpenSDA

Question asked by gbalwant on Jan 22, 2014
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I am trying to connect the FRDM_K20D50M evaluation board and debug a simple application of "Hello World". I have written a simple program of Hello World and trying to do a step debug.


The PC is connected to the SDA USB port on evaluation board. The programmed code (came with eval boards) is working fine after it gets power from SDA USB port.


When I try to connect the board from debugger, it gives error not able to detect the target hardware. (The board is physically connected PC over USB). The drivers are getting installed properly (checked from device manager)


Can anybody suggests what could be the issue in detecting the FRDM evaluation board using OpenSDA. Is there any standard document available which details out the procedure to debug using OpenSDA?


Thanks in Advance.


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