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Memory Map Error during compilation - Vybrid Tower

Question asked by Jack Blather on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by Petr Uhlir

I asked this question over in the Processor Expert (PEx) forum and one of the Freescale guys asked me to post it here.


I am able to compile my PEx project without errors and run it on the Vybrid tower under the DS-5 Debugger. I'm using MQX v4.0.2-GA


However, I just added the MQX component to my PEx project and now I get this compile error:


"../Generated_Code/IO_Map.h", line 49: Error:  #35: #error directive: MVF61NN151MK50 memory map: There is already included another memory map. Only one memory map can be included."


My project compiled fine before and all I did was add the MQX component; then I got that compile error message. I don't know where another memory map could have been included or where I could begin looking for this other memory map.


I'm finding that IO_Map.h (generated code) and MVF50GS10MK50.h (part of the BSP) collide in their memory maps when the MQX component is added to a PEx project.


Is this a bug? Or am I not configuring this correctly?


Can someone help?


Also, the online Help for the MQX component says "Vector table is not generated. All interrupt service routines (ISR) are installed through RTOS.", but the vector_table[] array is generated in Generated_Code/Vectors.c and is populated with the interrupt for the serial port I'm using. I found in AS1.c, that PEx is making the call to _int_install_isr() for the AS1 ISR installation into MQX. So that seems to be working ok, but it's still generating the vector table, too. Is that a bug?


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