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Latest (Rev.H) Vybrid Tower Module (TWR-VF65GS10) - final schematic and layout + unofficial (practically final) User Manual (now published officially on Freescale 'Vybrid Tower Module (TWR-VF65GS10)' web page as well.)

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  • Board revision has been validated successfully.
  • Boards will soon be available for purchasing.
  • Presented files currently are in formal process of being published on official company web site.

(Materials attached have been implemented using Cadence tool, both latest Rev.16.6 and older Rev.16.2; use the latter to be converted into different formats or import into other schematic / layout tools.)


Main Vybrid-related revision modifications (with respect to Rev.G):

  • DDR3: external termination deleted, Vref circuit simplified.
  • Vybrid ballast transistor powered from 1.5V, not 3.3V.
  • Optional "Virtual VF3xx" configuration created.
  • Vybrid Power-On-Reset active timeout made longer to guarantee proper SD card initialization.
  • Optional Ethernet MII interface added (DNP-ed 0-Ohm resistors).
  • Filtering (series ferrite beads) added into x_AFE and x_ADC power rails for better performance.
  • New button SW4 added to test low-power use cases.


Please, pay attention to new stackup and material of the board!

(Interestingly enough, one of the reasons for switching to new, high-frequency, board material was need to improve performance of the USB 2.0 interface...)



For reference only!


- Peak-to-peak ripple data for major power rails measured while running video clip included in supplied SD card (board as part of Tower - 2 Elevators + LCD modules powered from Vybrid module):

  • VCC_1V2 (across C103)  - 7.40mV,
  • 1V5_DDR3 (across C51) - 16.83mV,
  • VCC_1V5_SDRAM (across C10) - 18.60mV,
  • VCC_3V3_ADC (across C171) - 4.97mV,
  • VCC_3V3_AFE (across C56) - 10.6mV,
  • VCC_3V3_MCU (across C43) - 10.6mV.

- Preliminary USB and radiation emission data with significant margins.

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