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9S08AW60 as USB host using MAX3421E as host controller interface

Question asked by Frédéric Leblanc on Jan 21, 2014

Hello ,


I apologize for my poor english langage.

I try to use a 9S08AW60 as a simple host for controlling printer. The interface is a Maxim MAX3421E Host controller. Communication is done trough SPI. Power supply is 5V for microcontroller and 3.3V for Max3421 and i've inserted an ADG3304 for voltage "transformer". I have many difficult in using SPI to send setup  to the MAX3421. I can  see activity on USB like  busreset, SOF each ms, after i have sent order to sent it, adress change "Set Adress". Despite this i can't read anithig in return (interrupt registers, receive fifo...)


Help, i search an idea to control and fix my bugssssss.


Thank You and Best regards