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BUS Error: M5325EVB project from last year does not run with CW6.3

Discussion created by Dr. Frank W. Pelzer on Aug 10, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2007 by Dr. Frank W. Pelzer

I have a nice project which I used for demonstrations all over last year.

When I opened it with Codewarrior v6.3, it got automatically converted.

First I have to note, that I had a hard time, getting it built. I had to
undef severals 'inlines' to circumvent
compiler errors, and myriads of

implicite type conversion errors (s.th. like "from * __regabi to *") forced me to undef the MAPI and _MAPI macros.

However now it builts without error. It is a little bit unhappy, since I had to change sources which I were not supposed to do.

This is my persisting problem:
If I download and run the project it stops very early within system initialization, much before getting to main, with a "Bus Error". It is somewhere near copying ROM data. (However it is a RAM project: everything is loaded into the on-chip and on-board RAMs. )

I had similar problems in the past with a MCF54xx project. Some __S_romp arithmetics in the Linker cfg file (stupid non-reproducible trial and error) helped me that time. This time I am not that happy.

Do you have any advice?