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CodeWarrior 10.3 include paths

Question asked by Mike Thomas on Jan 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2014 by Erich Styger

Hello All,

I am trying to incorporate FNET into my CodeWarrior 10.3 projects, but am getting numerous "cannot find header.h" files error.

The FNET source code structure has subdirectories, each subdirectory contains source files which include header files at different levels in the structure. There is no relative specification in the inclusion of these header files (such as #include ../fnet_config.h. or #include ../cpu/fnet_cpu_config.h.)

I can either: 1) set the include paths in Project Settings to point to ALL source folders  (but there is so many of them) , or 2) gather up all header files and put them in the common "Headers"  folder, (too much work) or  3) modify the include lines in each source file for the relative location of the header file which needs to be included. (too much work, besides, should'nt have to touch the FNET files at all)

I am sure Codwarrior has some sort of setting for this? such as perhaps "Flatten all directories so I don't have to set the include paths for each and every source folder"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.