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Sabreboard SD - flash android images (Linux)

Question asked by Ariel Hernandez on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by Ariel Hernandez

Hi people!! I'm just wondering how to flash android images on Linux systems. I downloaded android_jb4.2.2_1.0.0-ga_image_6qsabresd.tar.gz, then I used script to make the SD partitions and with fastboot I flashed android images, but it didn't work!!

I have several errors with fastboot, such as: 


sending 'boot' (4782 KB)...

OKAY [  4.707s]

writing 'boot'...

FAILED (remote: image too large for partition)

finished. total time: 4.717s


I need to flash android images on Linux (not Windows), that why I didn't use MfgTool2.exe.

Can someone help me with this?