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MC9S12E64CFUE SCI0 9600 Receive problem

Discussion created by Taoufik El Boubkari on Aug 10, 2007
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#include "SerialPort.h"unsigned char getStr[250] = "";unsigned char iStr;#pragma CODE_SEG __NEAR_SEG NON_BANKEDISR(ReceiveInterrupt){   unsigned char Temp, received_byte;      Temp = SCI0SR1;         // Acknowledge Receiver Full Flag   received_byte = SCI0DRL;   getStr[iStr] = received_byte;   if(iStr == 250)    iStr = 0;   else    iStr++;   /*   while (!SCI0SR1_TDRE);  // Wait for the transmit buffer to be empty      SCI0DRL = received_byte;  // Send back the result   */}#pragma CODE_SEG DEFAULT/*** ===================================================================**     Method      :  SerialPort_Init (bean Init_SCI)****     Description :**         This method initializes registers of the SCI module**         according to this Peripheral Initialization Bean settings.**         Call this method in user code to initialize the module.**         By default, the method is called by PE automatically; see**         "Call Init method" property of the bean for more details.**     Parameters  : None**     Returns     : Nothing** ===================================================================*/void SerialPort_Init(void){  /* SCI0SR2: —–=0,˜™=0,??=0,??=0,??=0,BRK13=0,TXDIR=0,RAF=0 */  setReg8(SCI0SR2, 0);                    /* SCI0BD: IREN=0,TNP1=0,TNP0=1,SBR12=0,SBR11=0,SBR10=0,SBR9=0,SBR8=0,SBR7=0,SBR6=0,SBR5=1,SBR4=1,SBR3=0,SBR2=1,SBR1=0,SBR0=0 */  setReg16(SCI0BD, 52);                 /* SCI0CR1: LOOPS=0,SCISWAI=0,Rsrc=0,M=0,WAKE=0,ILT=0,PE=0,PT=0 */  setReg8(SCI0CR1, 0);                    /* SCI0CR2: SCTIE=0,TCIE=0,RIE=1,ILIE=0,TE=1,RE=1,RWU=0,SBK=0 */  setReg8(SCI0CR2, 44);                 }/* END SerialPort. *//**********MAIN Code****************************//* Including used modules for compiling procedure */#include "Cpu.h"#include "Events.h"#include "GreenLed.h"#include "SerialPort.h"#include "TI1.h"/* Include shared modules, which are used for whole project */#include "PE_Types.h"#include "PE_Error.h"#include "PE_Const.h"#include "IO_Map.h"unsigned char str[] = "Test Serial Port Send Data";unsigned char i;void main(void){  /*** Processor Expert internal initialization. DON'T REMOVE THIS CODE!!! ***/  PE_low_level_init();  /*** End of Processor Expert internal initialization.                    ***/  /* Write your code here */    for(i=0; i<26 ; i++){    while (!SCI0SR1_TDRE);  // Wait for the transmit buffer to be empty       SCI0DRL = str[i];  // Send back the result  }    /*while(1){    while (!SCI0SR1_TDRE);  // Wait for the transmit buffer to be empty       SCI0DRL = 'U';  // Send back the result    }*/  /*** Processor Expert end of main routine. DON'T MODIFY THIS CODE!!! ***/  for(;;){}  /*** Processor Expert end of main routine. DON'T WRITE CODE BELOW!!! ***/} /*** End of main routine. DO NOT MODIFY THIS TEXT!!! ***//* END SP */

I'm trying to make a simple code for data transmit (send/receive) with the serial port of the MC9S12E64CFUE.
Data which i send from the processor to the PC arrives normallly, but receiving data from the PC doesn't work. The charachters are detected when they arrives, but the contents are wrong.
I send also my source code?
Can anybody test this code? Otherwise if you have the wright configuration, can you send it to me??
With the baudrate 4800 it works properly!!

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