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P2020DS : CCSRBAR issue

Question asked by Pierre-Antoine Minichetti on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by Marius Grigoras



Priviously working on a P5020DS board I shifted to a P2020DS and have some questions about the CCSR base address.


In the Documentation it is said that by default CCSRBAR is at 0xFFE0_0000 but in the TCL file the address used is 0xFF70_0000.

Replacing the CCSRBAR address by the one specified in the documentation doesn"t work. Is it possible that the address in the documantation might be wrong ?

I would appriciate if someone had some information on this issue.


During initialization the CCSR address is displaced to 0x0_E000_0000 so I use this as my CCSRBAR value but I can't tell if it works because in the memory browser 95% of the CCSR space is not shown.


Thanks helping.