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Have i.MX6DQ ERR006282 been fixed in silicon revision 1.3?

Question asked by Satoshi Shimoda on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by Satoshi Shimoda

Hi Community,


I have a question about i.MX6DQ ERR006282.

Please see Table 2 (page.9) of i.MX6DQ errata sheet (IMX6DQCE Rev.3).

It says "A ROM code fix for this issue is planned".


On the other hand, in ERR006282 "Proposed Solution" (page.181), it says "Fixed in silicon revision 1.3".

Then, I understand ROM code fix plan has been implemented in silicon revision 1.3 and the information of Table 2 is old.

Is this right?


Best Regards,

Satoshi Shimoda