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CW for Windows (again)

Discussion created by John Jakson on Aug 10, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2007 by Daniel Blake
I am an old time code warrior from the MacOS, BeOS & Windows days, still mostly on BeOS actually. I know that Windows support is long gone but it couldn't hurt to ask for some alternatives

I am porting a portable Be C++ app to W2K and trying to merge in some large open source image libraries. I have used VC but found & ressurected an old CW for Windows Lite from an early CW for WIndows/Mac book and also an old lite download once hosted by MW-Moto.

The lite versions I have are v1.3xx and v3 so they are pretty old. I can sort of almost get my work done with the limited fixed projects since I may not be able to find the last commercial realease of CW for WIndows 8.

Q  What was the last version of the lite version of CW for Windows and is it still available anywhere at all or could someone who has it send it to me, I assume that would be okay?

Q Is anybody selling the CW for WIndows v8 as is. Nothing on ebay as far as I can find.

Thanks for any help