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Getting started with MQX, cant succesfully import rtcs example, cant set ip address successfully with my program..................

Question asked by chinniwhites on Jan 15, 2014

I am just getting started with MQX 4.0.2 with CW10.5 specifically to use Ethernet and LCD.  I am trying to import httpsrv example from the rtcs\examples under the MQX install directory.  Project imports just fine but paths to most files are broken because it doesn't seem to pull the source files in correctly.  How do I correct this, what I am doing wrong??


So I created my own MQX project from scratch and try to make a little program (attached) to just simply set the ip address.  I load the program and try to ping the K70 with no success.  This program also has shell enabled, put i see nothing but crazy ascii characters when connecter to serial port and looking with hyperteminal.  Why wont my program work??


Feel free to point me to more helpful examples, especially when it comes to LCD and Ethernet.  I am looking to do a simple webpage and lcd display for setpoint changes.



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