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Create a new CW project for TWR-Wifi-AR4100P

Question asked by amleng on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by amleng

Hello Community,


Right now, I'm working on a wifi project. I use MQX 4.0.2 and installed Patch for TWR-WIFI-AR4100P. I run some demos in "atheros_wifi" folder and they work well. As I understand, all the original demo projects are linked to the wifi library files and use the functions in those files but if I create my own MQX project in CW it doesn't link to those wifi library. I tried to copy the compiler and assembler input from the demo project to my project but still I get some errors. I tried to copy one of the demos in another location and customized it but that causes the link broken to the wifi library!  So my question is how can I create a project and link to the wifi library?

The MQX tools (plugin) doesn't work with any of the demo projects.

I import web_hvac demo by drag and drop “.project” file of the project in CW 10.5 projects window and built it. Do I need to try another import approach? I appreciare you feedback.