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Slow enet download speeds on i.MX6Solo using 3.10.9 based BSP

Question asked by Scott Warner on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by Scott Warner

This is on a custom board running an i.MX6Solo processor the rev is TO1.1.  Sabresd was used as a reference board.  I worked around this on the 3.0.35 based BSP by setting enable_wait_mode=off on the kernel command line, but this was a short term fix because we can't afford the additional power consumption introduced by disabling wait mode in the idle loop.  Errata ERR006687 mentions a software workaround in the 3.0.35 BSP, instead of pulling a newer 3.0.35 we decided to move to the 3.10.9 BSP to pick up some other features we needed.  Is there a patch for 3.10.9, or is there another solution for this problem?