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Missing char's in Serial Interrupt UART driver

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Jan 14, 2014
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I have read through the posts on this for the blocking and non blocking modes of the serial driver and it seems to me that some of the char's are being translated. I tried clearing the flags as in the code inserted but it doesn't do any good. You can see from the logic analyzer that we are receiving a specific stream, but from the snapshot of the debugger variable buffer we are missing some char's. We don't always get the same char missing, sometimes it is the '\r', other times it is the '\n', we are consistently missing the "O" in OK. The code implements a timeout check and number of char's expected check, these work correctly. We also check the status on the ioctl settings with the debugger and this yields success. Is there an error in expecting no translation of the char's in blocking mode, when we clear the IO_SERIAL_TRANSLATION flag?


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.




logic analyzer and buffer.png