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I find a bug about USBDM4.10.6

Question asked by baode wang on Jan 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by pgo

Hi pgo,

I think I find a bug about USBDM4.10.6. I install USBDM 4.10.6 and codewarrior6.3 on my computer.

I want to debug MC9S08FL16 throutgh USBDM in codewarrior6.3.when I new a project,I just find HCS08 FSL open souce BDM.

because My hardware is based-on JS16,I can't debug FL16 with my BDM.


But,I uninstall the USBM4.10.6 and install USBDM4.9.4. I can find HcS08 open source BDM.

so I think it's a bug.


best regards for you