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iMX6 IPU resizing problem

Question asked by Tim F on Jan 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by Tim F


  I'm trying to use IPU to resizing YUV444 image to a smaller YUV420 image on a iMX6 Sabrelite board.

  I'm using sample code from:


The only thing I have changed is the task structure:


// Input image size and format
task.input.width    = 1024;
task.input.height   = 768;
task.input.format   = v4l2_fourcc('Y', '4', '4', '4');


// Output image size and format
task.output.width   = 512;
task.output.height  = 384;
task.output.format  = v4l2_fourcc('I', '4', '2', '0');



Here is the result I got, can anyone tell me what was wrong?