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The TOF status flag doesn't seem right in a S08TPMV3 type module of an SH8.

Question asked by Kevin Sargent on Jan 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by Weiping Xu

This is ported code from a working project using 908QY4. I can't seem to get the TPM TOF to be set at proper values.

I load the modulo $FFFE, then time an event based on not overflowing at a particular prescale value. On overflow, I set the prescale higher and retime.

I'd use the MTIM (Boy does that look like the QY TPM), but it's 8 bit, I need 16.

The TOF is being set not by any predictable manner I can see, sure isn't modulo overflow. Somebody got a clue for me? TNX <<<)))