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ogg support with aiurdemux

Question asked by Cerveau stephane on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez

dear all,


I'm using yocto dora branch from meta-fsl-arm and 'im facing an issue with ogg demux. Indeed gstreamer-0.10 uses aiurdemux to handle ogg file and i'm facing an error.


0:00:00.135230334  1160    0x80460 WARN               aiurdemux

aiurdemux.c:3756:aiurdemux_loop_state_header: Warning:

API[initializeIndex] not implement!

0:00:00.135399334  1160    0x80460 WARN               aiurdemux

aiurdemux.c:3448:aiurdemux_set_readmode: API[setReadMode] failed, ret=-6

0:00:00.135473334  1160    0x80460 ERROR              aiurdemux

aiurdemux.c:3469:aiurdemux_set_readmode: ***final file mode

0:00:00.135534000  1160    0x80460 WARN               aiurdemux

aiurdemux.c:3767:aiurdemux_loop_state_header: Warning:

API[getNumPrograms] not implement!

And then vorbidec fails to decode audio packet.


When i disable ogg support in /usr/share/ and so gstreamer is using oggdemux element, the file is correctly decoded.

Is there some fixes concerning this parser ? Is there acceleration in aiur demux ?

Best regards.