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MPC8313ERDB Board, Align u-boot for large page

Question asked by Sujan Nag on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by Scott Wood

Hello all,


I am working on a project which employs MPC8313E processor. For reference I have MPC8313ERDB board available with me.


Similar to the EVM, there is a NAND on the custom board I am working on, but the custom board NAND is of large page NAND(Page Size  = 2048 bytes) as compared to the small page NAND(Page Size  = 512 bytes) on the EVM. The requirement is to boot from NAND. Hence the u-boot resides on the NAND.


My understanding is nand-spl resides on block 0 of the NAND, and rest of the u-boot resides on block 1, hence we need to align the two properly.


My query is what is the appropriate way to make the changes as per alignment of u-boot spl and main u-boot is concerned, i.e. with respect to small page NAND and large page NAND?


In the file board/freescale/mpc8313erdb/ there is a section, line 51:

          /* Align to next NAND block */

          . = ALIGN(0x4000);

I know very less about assembler and linker internals, but does this section have any relevance? For RDB Board, 512 x 32 = 0x4000. So for our board 2048 x 64 = 0x20000.


Please suggest.



Sujan Nag