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IMX6Q6AVT10AC Decoder And Encoder

Question asked by Carmili Li on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by jamesbone


I have a test the performance of the I.MX6Q(1.0G) decoder and encoder.

I decode a file of 1080P30fps use H.264 standard. After decoder finish decode, sent the buffer to display and encoder.

At last,when the Ecoder finish ,it save buffer to a H.264 standard video file.

I find it cost about 43ms to decode and encode.When I do not sent the buffer to display, it cost about 37ms.

1080p30fps video  only have 33ms between two frame.

How can I improve I.MX6 decoder and encoder performance?Using a 1.2G CPU or  can I increase VPU clock to do it?

Thank you.