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Problems with AN2295 bootloader for K70

Question asked by Juan Nava on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2014 by Santiago Gonzalez Fabian



I need a CAN bootloader for Kinetis K70, so I started with the AN2295 example but it only compiles including the "AN2295_TWR_K60_cfg.h" in the "bootloader_cfg.h" file,

if I try with "#include AN2295_TWR_K70120_cfg.h" it generates an error about different frequencies in MCU and in target.

I seems to be quite easy to fix but I couldn't, what should I do? Actually, only the folder "KINETIS K 100 MHz" has code in it.


There is another option for bootloading in kinetis K70?


Kind Regards!

Juan Nava