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Which is the best PMIC for i.MX 6 processor

Question asked by ANEESH TS on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by SergioSolis


We are going to use i.MX 6 processor for our new projects and we have selected a PMIC from freescale(PF0100) but the there is some limitation for PF0100 IC the maximum input voltage is upto 4.5V for this IC. There is one more Ic from Linear(LTC3676) that will support upto 5.5V. Then we have the following doubts

1. which is the best PMIC For i.MX 6 processor( PF0100 or LTC3676)?

2. Can LTC3676 supports all the power requirement of i.MX 6 ?

3. If LTC3676 can supports then why everybody prefer PF0100 as first choice?