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i.MX6DL, Dora, Kernel 3.10.17:  PCIe Bridge Support?

Question asked by Leo Schwab on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by Sinan Akman

So it looks like kernel 3.10.9_alpha doesn't do PCIe so well.  Transitioning to kernel 3.10.17_beta allowed the system to come up and see the PCIe bus, but all it's seeing is our bridge chip:


PCI host bridge to bus 0000:00
pci_bus 0000:00: root bus resource [io  0x1000-0x10000]

pci_bus 0000:00: root bus resource [mem 0x01000000-0x01efffff]

pci_bus 0000:00: No busn resource found for root bus, will use [bus 00-ff]

PCI: bus0: Fast back to back transfers disabled

PCI: bus1: Fast back to back transfers enabled

pci 0000:00:00.0: BAR 0: assigned [mem 0x01000000-0x010fffff]

pci 0000:00:00.0: BAR 6: assigned [mem 0x01100000-0x0110ffff pref]

pci 0000:00:00.0: PCI bridge to [bus 01]


We had PCIe bridging working in 3.0.35, but we had to apply a kernel patch to get it to work.  Is a patch also required for the 3.10.x series kernels?