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mxc_vpu_test on IMX6 Android

Question asked by satellite12 on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by William Ho

Hi All,


In IMX6 Android BSP, there is a test tool "mxc_vpu_test" under //Android//device/fsl-proprietary/test/bin/

I use the tool to decode video, like mpeg4 or h.264, but get "vpu_DecOpen failed" error as below.



root@android: # ./mxc_vpu_test -D "-i /mnt/sdcard/Movies/akiyo.mp4"

[INFO]  VPU test program built on Nov 12 2009 11:17:18

[INFO]  VPU firmware version: 2.1.9

[INFO]  VPU library version: 36350.5.4

[INFO]  Format: STD_MPEG4

[INFO]  MPEG4 class: MPEG4

[INFO]  Input file "/mnt/sdcard/Movies/akiyo.mp4" opened.

[ERR]   vpu_DecOpen failed


Does anyone know how to use the tool?