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i.MX6DL/Solo-QMX6 - Congatec MfgTool doesn't work - Wince7

Question asked by Nele Perdu on Jan 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by SergioSolis



I bought an Congatec module i.MX6DL/Solo-QMX6 but when I use MfgTool to create the SD card it doesn't work. It works fine until "Jumping to OS image" but then it fails with following error messages:


1 - Panel A Finished <CMD/> type="find" body="Updater" file="" timeout="900" onError="" text="" FAIL code=0xffff0002.


Panel A: Wrong device found.,failed to run command: type="find" body="Updater" file="" timeout="900" onError="" text="" 


2 - Panel A Finished processing QMX6 usdcard-partition-install <LIST/> : FAIL code=-65534.


Does anyone knows how I can solve this problem?


Because the MfgTool doesn't work, I also created an µSD card using cfImager.exe, but I don't manage to boot E-Boot. It's quite weird because I already did those things succesfully for the Imx53QSB, and there everything works fine if you create a µSD card with cfImager.exe, it Boots immediately.


Do I have to set additional settings in U-Boot, or how can I define the correct address in the environment variables of U-boot? Now I tried several things, such as
mmc dev 0; mmc read ${loadaddr} 0x800 0x2000; bootm

But this doesn't work.


Can anyone help me on this topic? Or does someone has binaries that work fine for this module?


Kind regards

Nele Perdu