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Minimal SWD connection for K10

Question asked by Carlos Rodriguez on Dec 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2014 by Zhe Tian

Hello Everybody,


I previously develop a design with KL14/15/16 using the same SWD minimal connection as used in KL25 Freedom board (FRDM-KL25Z) shown as follows:


Now I developed a K10 prototype using the same SWD connections but it doesn't work, I went in to the SWD configuration as follows:


Where using the pin RESET_b connected to RST_TGTMCU... But after seeing the following table on the K10_RM, I cut off that trace (SWD Debug Port column):


I did not wire-up the TRACE_SWO pin since the KL25 doesn't use it, for me it seems that if I do not wire TRACE_SWO I will loose trace functionality not make my SWD connection useless.


My SWD does not work yet... shoould I wire-up the TRACE SWO signal to make it work? what is going on???


Thanks in advance,