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OTT Support on SabreSD board"

Question asked by vikas pandey on Dec 27, 2013

Hi Sir,

Taking a recent release of OTT Tv Box on OTT board by freescale ( ) , i am trying to implement

OTT Box on sabreSD board . I am using the android (BSP) source code (

android-4.0.4_r1.1 ) and  imx-android-13.4.1 and packages given on release

page of freescale site ( myandroid_r13.4.1_tvbox_patch .. etc ) . I have

applied the patches as given on site and going to  build and compile the

source code .


I want to get Some help This can be done or not if Yes how much effort i

should make and where i can get help to implementing OTT feature on SabreSd



Please do help me .

Thanks & Regards,

Vikas Pandey


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