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USB Tethering PPPD

Question asked by Toxic Avenger on Dec 24, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by MIKE PETERSEN


Im not familiar with USB Tethering.

I have custom device which is connected to another by serial wire.

I would like if there any chances to improve stability, and performance of this connection, by replaicing it by USB tethering.


This is my solution:


To my device this serial is connected thru FTDI.

I have USB port (/dev/ttyUSB_N for example) in my system which is responsible for this type of connection.

Im using PPPD and L2TP to make it possible to bridge this connection with normal ETH.


I have usb0 interface in my system.

Is it possible to tell usb0 to use /dev/ttyUSB_N ?

usb0 is able to use bridge without PPPD and L2TP.


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