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Etherent Problem Based On P2020E Processor

Question asked by Bai Jack on Dec 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by Yiping Wang

Hi all,

We designed board  based on the p2020e processor. And the etherent part of it is completely refered to the ethernet part of P2020RDB-PCA.

We got VSC7385 RGMII ethernet switch PHY connect to tsec1 port, AR8021 RGMII PHY connect to tsec3 port, and VSC8221 SGMII PHY connect to SERDES port. Exactly like P2020RDB-PCA.

All the design and peripheral circuit copy the reference design and double checked using P2020RM.

However,after power up, some problems came up with the ethernet part, describe as below:

1. Only SGMII port can work

2. RGMII port and ethernet switch port can not.

We checked all the possible power problem with it, it seems ok. We are sure there is no hardware problem. And we did flash the VSC7385 firmware of it and it work(after power up, the light of port went on).

Since only port can use is SGMII port that connect to the SERDES, we suspect both AR8021 RGMII PHY and VSC7385 ethernet switch PHY is not communicate with p2020 cpu. Or the eTSEC part of P2020 is not working.

Is there any tip about where we can check or any possible reason for this situation?

Thanks in advance.