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How to use Beestack----Form Mesh or Tree network

Discussion created by galen tracy on Aug 8, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by Wilkins Cedano
      I tried to use the BeeStack demo WirelessUart to form the Mesh or Tree network, It includes coordinator,router and end-device. When download these threes types of program on to three different boards,I follow the instruction:form the netowrk -binding- shift to the run mode, and then the comunication between coordinator with the router and end-deivce is ok.
    But when I place end-deivce out of range of the coordinator, and between them I place a router to extend range. But it can't works, I don't know how to establish the binding or form the network, the LED3 is always blinking on the coordinator and the end-device which means it can't establish binding. So the next step the communication between coordinator and end-device is also unsuccess.
     Did any one had a chance to work on Beestack and on wireless UART example and form this network?