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How to flash the code on K60 NVM to run stand alone?

Question asked by alfredogualdron on Dec 21, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by Sahli Sami




I'm using Codewarrior V10.4 build id:130425 with processor expert in a custom PCB based in K60 processor.

I'm able to build and debug my projects in RAM or FLASH options, and for debugging everything seems to work fine, but when I run the project (For testing purposes is just a blinking led) with the FLASH option, it did not really "flash" the code, because when I power off and on the device, it did no execute the code (The led did not blink).



I had been trying to flash the code with the "Flash Programmer" (the blue thunderbolt) but, despite it appears in the console that the code was succesfully downloaded, the device is still dead after power off and on.



I already try the steps in this blog :



And I also followed these videos:



But I still have the same problem, when I turn on the power buton the LED do not blink



What I want is to flash the code in the processor to be executed forever and ever after power on



any idea???