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ubuntu-touch porting on imx6 sabrelite board reg.

Question asked by Pratik Pawar on Dec 21, 2013



                i am trying to port ubuntu-touch on imx6 sabrelite. I'm following Touch/Porting - Ubuntu Wiki guide. i completed following steps from the porting guide


-> setup your development environment

-> phablet-dev-bootstrap [target_directory] ->Downloads the android code


And i stucked at the third step " Enabling a new device "


->  They mentioned few devices that supports CyanogenMod. ( )

-> In the third step they are fetching the android kernel as well as "device" specific files.

-> And the next step is running the cyanogenmod on the device and fetching the proprietary blobs of android.


          But i didn't found imx6 device in cyanogenmod device list. Can any one please guide me how can i proceed further.


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