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TWR-K20D72M "hello world" lab not working

Question asked by Walter Kicinski on Dec 19, 2013
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I'm a newcomer to Freescale development.  I have a TWR-K20D72M and TWR-K60F100M.  I've downloaded the latest PEMicro FW updater and serial utilities, installed, and updated the OSJTAG FW of both boards (firmware_updater_install, pemicro_osbdm_osjtag_tower_toolkit.exe).  I also downloaded and installed CodeWarrior 10.5 and the TWR-K20D72M lab projects (


When I connect the TWR-K60F100M to USB, it enumerates as the LibUSB OSBDM/OSJTAG - Debug Port and the OSBDM/OSJTAG - CDC Serial Port (COM4).  I open the PEmicro Terminal Window app, and connect to COM4.  Resetting the TWR-K60F100M displays the demo shell program output on the Terminal Window.


The TWR-K20D72M enumerates the same on USB.  I import the "hello_world" lab in CodeWarrior, build it, and run it in the debugger.  However, I get NO "Hello World!!" output on the Terminal Window!  I also imported the "demo_gpio" lab in CodeWarrior, built it and ran it in the debugger - the green LED turns on and off with SW1 button as expected.


So, it seems the PC side is set up correctly since I get debug serial output from the TWR-K60 demo.  It seems the lab projects are building, downloading, and running on the TWR-K20D72M Kinetis since the demo_gpio is working.


Why does the "hello world" lab not output anything on the Terminal Window?


Please help!




(I also tried the "demo_adc" lab - it blinks the blue and green LEDs as expected but also does not output anything on the Terminal window either.)