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Build kernel from patches-3.12

Question asked by Espen Frimann Koren on Dec 19, 2013
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I built the kernel from patches-3.12. First a couple of questions about building:


1. Which _defconfig shall I use (as basis) for a i.MX6 quad board (it is actually Boundary Devices nitrogen, but we are developing our own card using i.MX 6 SOlo so I need to start "from scratch") I tried imx_v6_v7 which compiles, but ...

2. Why does 'make uImage' complain abount LOADADDR. It is easy to fix, but why shouldn't a published _defconfig actually compile to something that works?

3. Also which _defconfig for a i.MX6 Solo?


When booting the kernel I get unaligned access immediately. That is; some information about the kernel is shown by uboot, but the kernel does not start. I get a message to read the arm-unaligned-access.txt file. Again. Why doesn't a _defconfig for imx-something work.

Could someone point me to some answers here?