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The ERCLK32K clock source does not appear to increment the LPTMR0 counter register on a KL26 (MKL26Z256VMC4 0N40H)

Question asked by nurichard on Dec 18, 2013
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I am attempting to use the ERCLK32K clock source with the LPTMR0.  What I am finding is that the counter register (LPTMR0_CNR at 0x4004000c according to the KL26P121M48SF4RM v3.2 reference manual) is always read as zero.


I have configured the RTC to use the external oscillator for the 32,768kHz source and I can see the RT second and sub-second registers increases in agreement with a wall clock (RTC_TPR at 0x4003D000, RTC_TPR at 0x4003D004) so according to figure 5-1 in the RM, the ERCLK32K clock is working ok.


According to figure 5-4 in the RM, the only other clock selection bits are the LPTMRx_PSR[PCS] bits which should be set to 0b10 in the table within section of the RM


I configure and start the LPTMR0 registers as follows:



    // Ensure timer disabled


    // Timer interrupt enabled, timer reset when TCF raised, using timer mode, remaining disabled


    // Ensure the compare register is set to 10s in units of 1024th of a second

    LPTMR0_CMR = 10240;

    // Select the ERCLK32K as the low power timer source, configure a prescaler of 32; counts in 1024th of a second


    // Start the timer




At any time during those 10s, the LPTMR0_CNR always reads as zero rather than counting up as I believe it should.

At the end of time, the previously registered interrupt service routine executes after the correct interval so the timer is timing.


I cannot see anything in the latest errata that mentions any known mask problems (KINETIS_L_0N40H 09 AUG 2013).


Please could anyone kindly suggest what I am doing wrong,



My sincere thanks for your help,