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FRDM-KL46Z : question on I2C slave adress automatic detection method

Question asked by Philippe Calmettes Employee on Dec 18, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by Erich Styger



I'm using a FRDM-KL46Z platform and I want to use I2C communication.

With processor expert , I set a I2C serial components as Master and I want to detect all the slave devices connected to this I2C bus.

I see a method named  "I2Cx-SelectSlaveDevice(MyI2Cptr, LDD_I2C_ADDRTYPE_GENERAL_CALL,devAddr)".

Could someone give me an example on how to use this method to detect  slave devices connected to the I2C bus.

I want to be able to select after this detection a device present on the bus and start communication.