Mark Wyman

Need help with Beans and DSP_MEM on 56F8013

Discussion created by Mark Wyman on Aug 7, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2007 by Pascal Irrle
Hi all,
    I am trying to get DSP functions to operate properly, and currently they are not allowing dynamic memory allocation so they wont work. In particular dfr16IIRCreate() won't create the structure needed.

I tried going into the Build options of the CPU bean, created a new memory area, qulaified it as INTERNAL_DYNAMIC, and then split the RW memory with it. RW starts at 1 to size 3FF, and INTERNAL_DYNAMIC starts at 400 and is size 2FF.

I try compiling and get a Link Error message: Segment Overflow: .x_Data (The RW memory)
Reserved size is 0x000007fe -- Overflow 0x000002D0

Where can I canhe the reserved size, or does anyone have an example memory setup I can strat from that is successfully using the DSP function library?

-One tired hombre.